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Reading Phonics Math & More Services

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Reading Phonics Math & More offers expert tutoring 7 days per week with flexible tutoring hours.  Tutoring is offered in, reading, comprehension, phonics, writing, vocabulary, math, study skills,
homework help, test preparation (ACT, SAT, SSAT, EOCT, etc), and more.

There are a variety of ways to participate in our tutoring program.

1). One-on One In-Home tutoring. RPM will send a certified teacher or subject matter expert to your
home or mutually agreed upon public location (ex, bookstore, library, the school, etc.)

2). Interactive Tutoring Webinars, Interactive Tutoring Webinars.  Students work face to face, real time, on computer, from home with a certified teacher or subject matter expert, on Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, SAT and other subjects. RPM provides the ability for students and teachers to work through homework problems, master concepts and prepare for tests using the white board platform.  The ability to access on line text books, teacher
websites and assignments has made this a preferred tutoring vehicle for middle, high school and college

3). Certified Learning Coaches, Certified Learning Coaches for Home School students. RPM provides learning coaches to assist students through schoolwork explanations and completion. Packages are available that will include remedial and/or enrichment tutorial services.

4). Personal Skills Assessment. Reading Phonics Math & More is the expert in pinpointing academic gaps in reading, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, math and more. The PSA will determine what
skills we need to develop, at what level your child is performing and it will tell us how long it will take to
bring your child to their current grade level.

Give your child the RPM Academic Advantage!

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